Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I met our new OB today :)

I'm pretty sure this ones a keeper :) Unless my cardiologist wants me at UCLA, but we'll worry about that later. He was very nice and thorough. He's for a vag delivery if it's possible so I was happy to hear that. Not sure what I want to do yet, but I'm glad I have the option. 
Baby A was laying there like a sweet little angel, with a hb of 165. Baby B was moving around like a maniac, punching and kicking nonstop with a hb of 158. My OB said he's 80% sure what Baby A's gender is, but since Mr. DF wasn't able to come I asked him not to tell me. Hardest.thing.ever. I feel like it's gotta be a boy since he was so quick with it, but what do I know. We do see the high-risk OB tomorrow and Mr. will be there for that. Maybe we'll get lucky and find out. Hopefully we get clearer pics too.
For now, here are our little ones: