Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm a horrible blogger. Fetal Echo follow up

We had our fetal echo follow up today (Jackson wouldn't cooperate last time).
Our son has a mild heart defect :*(  Bicuspid aortic valve. It's not nearly anything like what I have and if it requires surgery it will be an outpatient catheter type, and hopefully not until he's older. I know he will be fine, but earlier today was rough. Knowing it's due to my genes just makes me feel like crap. Having been through what I have with my heart, the thought of him going through anything similar scares the crap out of me. We'll be monitoring it monthly before I give birth to see where it is and then we'll go from there. My 10 year old brother actually has the same defect, which I totally spaced at the appt. He's doing great and was told surgery may be an option at the age of 50. Hopefully our son gets the same prognosis. Good news is, our baby girl's heart is perfect.
Other updates that have happened since last post:
-Baby Girl's cysts have completely resolved. Yay.
-Everything still looks good with his umbilical cord and he's growing like he should. At the last u/s 2 weeks ago, they were both around a pound :)
-My cervix started to shorten a bit so I'm resting more. 
-We went on vacation, which was exhausting and probably the cause of the shortening. LOL We did A LOT of walking in New Orleans.
-We had our first baby shower with family and friends in Memphis and it was amazing. Our babies (and us) are very spoiled. 
I think that's it.