Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Well, we had a crazy morning!

Drove down to see my RE this morning for a CD11 monitoring u/s. They called me into the room so fast I didn't get a chance to call Mr. in, which he was less than thrilled about. He thinks I don't pay enough attention and don't ask the right questions. Sure dude. They had a new girl in training to my u/s. Boy was that fun! She really didn't know what she was doing and was just jabbing around in there, taking forever to measure and re-measure my follicles. The regular tech finally took over when it got to be too many. I had an 18mm, 17mm, 16mm, and more smaller. I was laying there thinking "what the heck happened to the 18mm I had two days ago?" I figured I'd speak with my nurse about it.
The tech said that I had some fluid in there so they were going to test my urine to see if I was getting ready to ovulate. So after several minutes waiting for the results, my nurse came up and gave me the bombshell of news: I was ovulating right then and we'd need to do IUI now. Holy Shizz! All I thought was thank goodness I made sure Mr. DF came with me. We asked about my follie sizes and she confirmed what I had and told me the 18mm from the other day had already dropped and was headed down my tubes! I also started getting really nervous because we had had intercourse the night before, so I was worried about our sperm count numbers. She told me not to worry, timing was perfect, and everything would be ok.
So we went and ate while they were cleaning Mr.'s sample. We were a total nervous wreck, just from the shock of it all and the fear that his count wouldn't be great. We got back and our count was still 49 million post wash!!!
My RE did the IUI himself. He said everything looked great and just to be safe to come back in the morning for another IUI. Ok fine....He also told me to talk to my uterus/follicles because I have a lot going on in there and we only want one baby. Haha! I am secretly talking to two follies....I wouldn't mind twins at this point. I guess it does make me really nervous due to my heart condition, but after all we've gone through, twins would be an awesome surprise! :)
I'll keep you updated on what happens next.

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  1. what great news! how crazy that it went down like that!