Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ultrasound 2 was yesterday!

I can't believe how much they've changed in a week! They both measured at 8 weeks yesterday so that's great! The heartbeats both looked strong. We will get to hear them next week! My blood clot hasn't changed in size at all so I am on total couch potato rest. :( My family is visiting and all went to the beach while I'm resting. A bummer, but obviously my babies come first.
Here they are:
That sac looking thing above the babies is the clot! Almost looks like triplets, huh?


  1. yippeee! best of luck with the bed rest :)

  2. It really does look like trips! Sorry about the bedrest. :(

    Since you have to be immobile, check out my blog. I gave you an award.