Monday, October 31, 2011

Blood Results

I realized I never did an update. Here is what we found out last week.
Just got back from an awesome appointment!! We met with the genetic counselor, who told me that my b/w was the best it could possibly be!! Risk for Downs is 1:9,000 and risk for Trisomy 18 is 1:100,000! Spina bifida was also negative. So our girl's chances of having a defect are pretty slim. No amnio for me, which the counselor totally agreed with. She said it looks like the CPC is just an isolated marker and nothing we should be concerned with. She also told me the risk of my heart defect being carried on is 2.5%, but the echos have been normal so far; I'm not worried. 
We went in to check my cervix and we got a surprise detailed u/s too! So awesome. Babies were so active! Her cyst was still there (obv), but should clear up by 29 weeks. Everything else was totally normal. Our boy weighs 7 oz and our girl 8 oz. Cord is still in the membrane (which won't change), but looks fine. 
This weekend, we finally got the nursery room all cleaned out. We set up our two cribs and the furniture too to get an idea of the space. We'll have to move it all when we paint, but oh well. It's going to be a little snug once we get a glider in there, but it'll work. It was really fun to hang their clothes in the closet too. 
So I go back on 11/8 to see both my MFM and OB. I'm hoping everything looks great. We have a vacation to Memphis planned for Thanksgiving week and I would hate to need to stay home. 

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