Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And another BFN

I have tested the last 3 days and all negatives. Not even a glimmer of a line. POOP. I am really angry this time around. Mostly just at the why. Everything looked great this month, our timing couldn't have been better, and still  no dice. I was hoping to surprise Mr. DF on Father's Day and of course when I saw the BFN, I couldn't keep it from him. I cried for about an hour and a half. How to you pretend you didn't just see a BFN then?? He took it really hard this time. He cried, repeatedly asked me why this was happening to us, and threw things. Now that we've digested it, all we can do is move forward.
I spoke with my RE yesterday, who was totally bummed to here the news. I can tell he's really rooting for us. He wanted to try another round of Clomid, but after I spoke with him about our financial concerns and explained to him that we were emotionally ready to try the next step, he agreed to a low-dose of injectables.
Mr. DF and I talked about it last night and part of us wants to take a cycle off. Mr. told me it was in the end my decision since I do the majority of the work (lol). I slept on it and I think I want to go ahead and move forward. I don't want to wait. I think a cycle off will throw me out of the loop. I do think, however, that if this one doesn't work, I will need that break. Lets stay hopeful for now though, right?!
So I have put a call in to my nurse to hear about which meds so I can price them out and to see how exactly an inject cycle works as far as visits, etc. I just want to budget out next cycle as best as possible. The details could be the only thing that sways me into taking a break. I'll keep my everyone updated :)

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