Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh man! Back from Maui with my updates!

Man I haven't been on here forever!!
Maui was fantastic. Too short like every other vacation, but I was ready to see my puppies! :)
Let me tell you how my last 4 days went. My CD3 stuff all came back good so I was able to start meds in time. We came home the night of CD11 at about 11 p.m. Had to wake up at 6 the next morning to go to my monitoring u/s. Home by 9 and then I played in a 4 hour softball tournament. Everything was good to go so they triggered me that morning. I think my follies were 21, 14, and something else....sigh. I was tired! Ok so I went yesterday for IUI....Got up at 7 am, they were running way late so we didn't leave their office until about 11:30. He did an u/s after the IUI which showed that I was getting ready to O, but I wasn't quite there. Follies were at 22, 16, and 14. So they had me come back this morning for round two and did another IUI. Pretty sure I had already O'd by then, but this gives us the best chance.
These two IUIs were not as quick as the last. It took the Dr. forever to get the catheter into my uterus. I'm thinking 8 minutes of uncomfortable and awkward poking, rearranging, etc...I hope this is it. I'm tired. I'm drained. But after 20 hours of sleep in the last 4 days, of course I am. It might change once I'm rested.
So here we go again for another long 2 week wait. I feel much calmer this round, hopefully I remain that way until test day.
This whole post was probably a mess. I'm so tired, I don't even know if I'm making sense. Just wanted to update :)


  1. great news and hope the next two weeks fly by!