Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One month til we meet our new RE

Yes, that's right, one month. I moved up the appointment. I don't want to wait til April. I am too impatient. Plus, assuming they want to do testing, that may put everything in May when we are gone so I would just rather start earlier and get this show on the road. I'm trying to regain my optimism that this will be our year and we will get knocked up soon. I just hope this doctor is the one. I want to walk out of the office feeling confident and comfortable. I didn't feel that way with the last guy, as much as I pretended I did.
Poor Mr. Deutschefairy. He finally stepped it up and tried to be romantic. It didn't turn out so well. Not only did he make dinner reservations on Saturday night that had to be cancelled because I was out of town (he knew this days before lol) but yesterday he ordered a flower bouquet to be delivered to my work. It didn't show up. He had to run over to the florist to pick them up and walked in with them at 6:30. He tried and I love him for it. I could kick his butt for paying a ridiculous amount for flowers from a florist on Valentine's Day though! Gotta love the guy :)

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