Saturday, February 12, 2011

We have a new plan.

Well after 3 unreturned letters/messages from my RE, I've decided to get a second opinion. I really never got a first opinion so really we're just starting over. We have an appointment with someone here in town for 4/12. It seems far, but we can't try this cycle and that will give us one cycle to try on our own after the HSG I had done. You never know right? Hopefully I'll get to cancel.
We have to pay everything out of pocket with this office, starting with the $260 consultation. I guess we were hesitant to admit that we would need to fork out some cash to get pregnant. In reality, it may not cost us that much more here considering he's in town. We shall see. I really hope I finally meet a doctor where I go "yes, this is the person I trust." I've only done that once, and they opened my chest up last year! The woman I spoke to was extremely nice, she had my sisters name. Then they had me e-mail my insurance info over, just in case, to a D. C****. Same first initial and last name as my father-in-law. I feel like it's a sign. I hope it's a sign. So that is the new plan. I feel like all I do is get rid of doctors, but my health needs to come first and I need to be the advocate for that. We  don't have forever, especially if we want that football team!
Off to go shopping with the girls. I'm trying not to buy anything. Maybe just a bikini for Maui ;)

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