Sunday, May 8, 2011

IUI is behind us!

We did our IUI this morning. I think it went really well and I am feeling positive.  We had 60 million sperm post wash, 80% motility, and morphology of 3. She said it was excellent. 

It was different than I expected. Just so relaxed. The nurse did our IUI, not a RE, which whatever, that didn't bother me. She is obviously pregnant so as we were walking in I wished her a Happy Mother's Day. She held up Mr.'s goods and said "You too, this is going to be your day!" She was really excited for us. It was sweet. 
So tomorrow will begin the longest 2 week wait ever! They want me to test in 2 weeks and we'll only confirm with a beta blood test if it's a positive. I was surprised they wouldn't do it either way, but honestly I could do without the $100 and 3 hours drive for the confirmation of a negative, so I'm cool with that. I hope this wait goes stress free for us and it ends with great news!


  1. Best of luck woman! I cannot wait to hear the outcome :)
    BTW, check out my last post on my blog cause I paid forward an award for you :)

  2. Hope you are suriving the 2ww with your sanity still intact!

  3. Thank you! I copied the courage quote from you. Hope you don't mind ;) I love that!