Saturday, May 7, 2011

IUI is tomorrow!!

The day has finally come :)
I went for my second monitoring appointment today. Lining was still not great in my opinion (7.4). I keep taking the estrogen for that. My right side had three follicles: 2 at 19mm and a 14mm. My left side had a 21mm and a 14mm. I took a urine sample and waited for the nurse to call me. I went alone. Mr. DF was meeting with the landscaper (we got a way expensive quote so that won't be happening). Anyways....she called me back and told me that my urine tested positive for an LH surge and that I would be triggering today and IUI will be tomorrow! On Mother's Day!! She was really excited for me over that. She wanted to confirm with Dr. G. So I made the long drive home, awaiting the call.
I got super antsy and even called her once. Dr. G was in surgery all morning so I didn't get a call from one of the nurses until noon. She told me to trigger and all the small info. She also told me she was excited for me. Having complete strangers tell you that is nice! I love that office.
My sister, who weeks ago called dibs on being the one to give me the shot was already at my house, waiting! lol So we got the shot ready, which was nerve-wrecking. I was shaking so bad and had to have Mr. DF finish. Then my sister injected me. No pain, the solution just stung a little going in. We were all super excited after. I think my sister enjoyed it a little too much!
We go in the morning, Jason gives his sample and then we do the IUI about an hour later. Lets hope we get our Mother's Day miracle!

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