Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterdays monitoring update

I should've update yesterday, but I was emotionally drained.
I realize now that the appointment actually went well, but I had in my head that we would trigger last night and when I was told that wouldn't happen, I threw an emotional fit. I am just so used to my body Oing early that it threw me for a loop.
So here's what happened. I was only on CD10 so this is actually great news (thank you to all my GP girls for bringing me back to sanity!). My body liked the Clomid. On the right side I have two follicles at 16mm and one at 14mm. On the left side I have one at 14mm and 3 under 10mm. They like to see 18mm follies in order to trigger. They grow 1-2mm a day so I should be ready on Saturday, which is when I go back for another ultrasound. Another $220 plus gas and a 3 hour drive. It'll all be worth it. I should have 3-4 mature follicles. That makes me nervous too. More mature follies means more potential babies. I am not going to stress about it until I have to though.
My lining was 6.7mm and they like it at 8mm so I'm hoping my estrogen will build that up. I'm also chuggin POM juice since that's been said to help lining.
So I will go back tomorrow morning to see where we stand. I am once again thinking I will trigger that night. This time I am hopeful I actually will. So maybe Monday for IUI?!

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