Sunday, April 3, 2011

CD3 blood work and ultrasound done

Good news. Everything looks normal and good. Bad news, nothing exciting is going to happen this month. My ultrasound looked good; the technician said everything looked exactly like it should at this point. My blood work levels were: FSH 6.4, LH 7, and E2 (estrogen) was 94. Estrogen was way better than last time, but still on the higher side. Dr. G is not concerned though so I guess I shouldn't be either! They did also check my rubella/chickenpox immunity. They have to send that one out so I don't know the results yet. I just received the MMR vaccine as everyone knows so I should be fine. I'm still worried though...
Now I go for the SHG on Friday, where Dr. G will be the one to do it. Good, because I plan on bombarding him with questions! I want to know what we're going to do next cycle. I don't want to wait around anymore. They're also making me take another progesterone test after I ovulate. Lame. I just hope they do something exciting next cycle. This is getting old. I know this cycle will just be a waste. No miracles will happen for us. They haven't yet. I will turn 31 not pregnant.

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