Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Starting Clomid tomorrow!

Eeeekkkk it's finally happening. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I had my b/w and baseline u/s today. Everything looked good. My u/s tech said that my ovaries look beautiful and that they should produce lots of eggs. Yay! I start my Clomid tomorrow for 5 days (CD3-7), then on CD8 I start estrogen pills. I go back on May 6th (CD11) for my monitoring u/s to see how I respond. I will pick up my trigger shot then and get instructions for the rest. We should be doing IUI somewhere around Mother's Day. I am so excited!! I just hope I respond well. AAAAHHHH! :) :) :)

Edited: I just picked up my meds. I was too curious/excited to wait until tomorrow. My insurance covered better than I thought. I knew it wouldn't cover the Clomid, which was $25.99, it covered the Estradiol so I paid $7, but the shocker was the Prometrium, which I thought would be like $200, it covered so I only had to pay $25. So $57.99...That's not bad at all. I called my mom I was so excited. Haha!

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