Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last of my blood tests came back

My RE's nurse called me this morning. It was so nice to hear form her after all my worrying yesterday.
All my remaining blood tests have come back. My Thyroid is normal, both of our STDs came back negative, and I officially carry the rubella and chickenpox immunity!! Yay! We are good to go!
I asked her about what I can expect next cycle and what I need to do. She basically told me, I don't need to do anything. They will tell me what to do. Not used to that one! I go for my CD2 or 3 b/w and u/s and then she will call me with results that afternoon. Then she will call in my Clomid Rx to my pharmacy. We also schedule a monitoring visit for around CD10/11. That's where we will take a look at my follicles and decide what to do. If everything is good to go, they will then give me the trigger shot. Then I come back for the IUI. She said they will go over everything with me CD2/3.
I also asked about my acupuncture appointment tomorrow. I had totally forgotten to ask. She was really happy to hear that I was going and said I could go anytime during my cycle, just to let the acupuncturist know where I am at in my cycle.
She told me to call with ANY questions. I am not used to this kind of care! LOL I am in good hands and I need to remember that and try to "relax"!

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