Friday, April 8, 2011

SHG today and our plan

We had to wait FOREVER today, but here it is:
SHG went great. It was over so quick and I hardly felt any discomfort. According to Dr. G, my uterus is perfect! He even told Mr. DF that his wife has a beautiful uterus. LOL. So no reasons as to why I spot. He says I'm just a spotter. I asked what was next and his response was whatever you want to be next. Love him. So we went into his office and went over the plan.
He is concerned with my high estrogen levels. My body isn't quite working the way it should at my age. He's going to recheck my TSH & T4 thyroid levels, which we did to make sure they are ok. My CD3 ultrasound (u/s) showed some follicles, but not as many as he would like to see. Hormones should help with both of these issues. It will thin out my lining a little, which is too thick due to the estrogen.
If this last natural cycle is a bust, we will move onto IUI next month! We will start with CD3 blood work (b/w) and another u/s. Then I will take an ovulation hormone called Clomid to push those follies into creating beautiful eggs. Assuming I respond according to plan, when I see a + ovulation kit, I will need to give myself an Hcg trigger shot, which makes sure that my eggs are released. Then a day or two after we will do the IUI. I will also have an u/s that day to make sure the egg is releasing. If not, I go back a day later and do another IUI. I will take progesterone supplements after during THE WAIT :)
Assuming it doesn't work, we will try 3 cycles with this protocol, then move onto 3 cycles with added injectable hormones, and then IVF.
I hope I explained that all right. I'm overwhelmed with excitement right now. I am just so excited to move forward with a plan. It's is obviously not working the good ol' way so I'm ready to do this in full force! Wish us luck :) I completely forgot to ask him about acupuncture so I will call them on Monday and make sure it's ok.
I won't have to check my progesterone again this cycle so I don't have to worry about knowing my exact ovulation date. Dr. G is confident that I'm ovulating, and in reality the results wouldn't change the plan.
Now it's off to Vegas with the girls. I am going to try to "relax" the rest of this cycle and just see what happens. I will still check my fertility monitor and use ovulation predictor kits, but the thermometer is on vacation!

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  1. I'm so glad that this procedure was much easier than the HSG. Enjoy putting the BBT on hiatus, I'm looking forward to that next cycle.

    Have a blast in Vegas, see you really are doing a lot of traveling. ;)