Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Appointment Update

I love our new doctor already!! We have finally found him :) Here are the highlights:

He confirmed that our old doc was a dummy; not only by disagreeing with what he thought, but also because he's familiar with him. Lesson learned: Trust your intuition!
He's concerened about my thyroid and estrogen levels. If they are right it could mean diminshed ovarian reserve (basically poor egg quality and quantity). This scares me. We don't have $15,000 for IVF :( He is retesting all my blood work on cycle day 3 of next month. Lets hope I magically get knocked up this month huh? I'm trying not to stress until I get the results, but who are we kidding?
My spotting also concerned him a little. Finally someone who's addressing my biggest concern! We will test progesterone to confirm that I am ovulating a week after I ovulate; which should be tomorrow. That puts me in Oregon for the draw. Ugh something to stress over. Haha Next cycle we will also do an HSS test. It's basically where they put water into my uterus and take 2D and 3D pictures. It's much more clear and hopefully will show anything that may cause spotting. Please no cysts!
After all that we will come up with a plan. Dr. G told me that he will get us pregnant. He has never not gotten someone my age pregnant.
I was up all night thinking about what ifs....I'm nervous, but I feel like we are finally getting somewhere.

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