Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary to us!

Two years!!! I can't believe it. Year two has been kind of a rough one on us, so I'm hoping year 3 brings us lots of good stuff :)
Our weekend away was amazing. It went by way to fast though, I suppose vacations always do that. Our suite was awesome! I was so excited. I actually counted the windows and we had 13 windows in our suite. I felt rich, haha. We ate SO much and just relaxed. I did realize that I have a hard time relaxing. My shoulders are always so tense and I feel like I am always waiting for something bad to happen. I hate that. I need to figure out how to change that. I feel like the last year has done that too me. Somethings gotta give!
We meet with the new doctor tomorrow. I'm starting to get really nervous. I just want some good news finally. And by good news, I mean facts or a plan. I want to know what is going on with my body and what the heck we're going to do about it. I'm sick of doctors just giving me the run around and not caring about my feelings and what I'm going through. I'm nervous to find another doctor that I'm not happy with. I don't know how much more I can take when it comes to that. So think of us at 1:00 tomorrow :) We need all the positive vibes we can get!

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