Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gotta love the promptness

My old RE called me back yesterday....only 5 weeks after I left the last message! Can you freakin believe it? Unbelievable. I was in complete shock. I didn't even tell him I wouldn't returning. Maybe I'll let him know in 5 weeks....or NEVER! He'll probably get the point if my new RE requests records. :)
So on top of that here are some more reasons I am glad we are moving on: I had asked about the 7DPO (days past ovulation) test to check my progesterone levels; so we could see if I was actually ovulating strong eggs. He tells me we can go ahead and test that now. My reply "I'm 13DPO, spotting, and my period will be here any second". That's ok we can still do it. Ummm no! I will not He told me that my spotting was most likely endometriosis. I then told him how much better it had been the last 2 cycles (1st one didn't start til 10DPO and this one 13DPO). He totally ignored that I said it and told me to schedule the postcoital test when I get my period. It's to be done at CD (cycle day)13....This test tests my cervical mucus to make sure it's not hostile to my husband's sperm. Here's the thing, it needs to be done before I ovulate to ensure I have fertile mucus. I have been ovulating around CD11 the last several cycles....CD13 would be too late!!! He is just not the right doctor for me. It is obvious my body is not the textbook body so he needs to stop treating me like it!!! Good bye and good riddance!!!

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